What Are Trade Setups And How it Can Help You.

Published On: 07th August, 2019 | By: Sachin G. Kamte

Learn To Trade smart with these intelligent trade setup which can help you reduce risk.

Have you gone through loses in stock market no matter how many times you try? Do all you feel that you should have known better every time you lose money?
Ok, Answer this to yourself. Which of the 2 option is better?

  • You execute 8 calls which you have got from an analyst. You hit stop loss in 5 trades and hit target in 3. In the process you lose 20% of your total funds.
  • You execute 21 calls yourself with some analysis without any analysts calls. You make no loss no profit in 20 calls and make profit in just 1 call. In the process increase your wealth by 3% to 5%.

2nd one isn’t it. That’s what trade setups can help you achieve.

If you believe that 1st option is better than the 2nd option, then trading is not for you. And you will not be able to last long in the stock market.

You might be getting calls and tips from analysts every day. As a matter of fact, we collect and provide top calls from top analysts across India absolutely free.

These calls should not be followed blindly. If you do, that will turn out to be one of your biggest mistakes while trading.

For example:
Imagine you have funds to buy 2 lots of futures.
You decide to execute an analyst call.
Based on the call you will get ₹20,000 profit if target hits or ₹10,000 loss if the Stop loss is hit.
These types of calls have a high risk with risk to reward ratio of 0.5 and you might lose money if you are not careful enough.
With our trade setup, for the same call with the same funds, the amount of risk can be brought down to ₹2,000 - ₹2,500. But the maximum profit that can be achieved is ₹11,000 instead of ₹20,000.
The risk is reduced from 50% to 18%.
That’s what trade setup is and this is what trade setups can help you achieve. The risk can be reduced by 60% - 75%.
We agree profits are reduced but if loses are hit even that is reduced drastically.
The trade setups work best with F&O.
Even for stocks, you can get a trade setup but you need to have more funds.

Here is how you can get a trade setup from us.

  • Go to Trade Setup Page
    Either log in or enter your email address and phone number. You need to login to check your trade setup, With the same email address provided.
  • Enter Call details
  • Call Source is very important here. Mention the source. If you have got the call from our free call page mention the source on the call.
  • Mention the number of future lots you can buy. Based on that different trade setups can be done.

These trade setups can help you trade with the least risk possible.

Always remember any trade in the stock market you execute always comes with a risk attached to it. After you buy a stock or future and if the stock falls then fear is created in mind which makes you sell the stock at a loss. So remember always trade with the least risk possible. The profit comes to those who trade with caution.

If you want to trade intelligently with the least risk possible then trade setups are for you.

Happy and Safe trading.

Trade Setups of the week

Strategy 1

Futures With Options

Rs. 699.00

Strategy 2

Options Only

Rs. 699.00

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Options Only

Rs. 699.00

Strategy 4

Options Only

Rs. 699.00

Strategy 5

Options Only

Rs. 699.00

Strategy 6

Options Only

Rs. 699.00

Before buying any Trade Setup make sure you have the fund required to execute it.

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About the Author:

Sachin G. Kamte

Sachin G. Kamte

12 Years’ of Experience in losing money in F&O
3 years of Experience in Making Money In F&O
With each loss I have learnt how not to loose money in F&O.
Stocks are easy. Go Long.
F&O are risky, So use trade setups to make profits.

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