Some hot stocks to keep your portfolio cool this summer

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Some hot stocks to keep your portfolio cool this summer

So far shares of household appliances companies have seen a mixed trend during the current year. Among individual stocks, shares of Bajaj Electricals and Orient Electric have beaten the overall segment with a surge of 100 percent 50 percent, respectively. On the other hand, Blue Star surged over 20 percent before retracing, while stocks like Symphony Limited and Whirlpool have not delivered any significant return, so far. Although the overall trend in the segment seems sideways, the ongoing consolidation in some stocks may lead to a breakout, according to technical charts' observations.

1. Bajaj Electricals Limited

Likely target: Rs 1,400 to Rs 1,500 (breakout above Rs 1,200)

Upside potential: 16% to 25%

2. Orient Electric Limited

Likely target: Rs 370 to Rs 385

Upside potential: 8% to 13%

3. Blue Star Ltd (BLUESTARCO)

Likely target: Rs 940 to Rs 965

Upside potential: 9% to 12%

4. Havells India Limited

Likely target: 1,200 to Rs 1,300 (after breakout above Rs 1,100)

Upside potential: 9% to 18%3:57 PM 7/6/20215.

5. Symphony Limited

Likely target: Rs 1,148

Upside potential: 8%

6. Johnson Controls-Htch Ar Cndtng Ind Ltd

The counter is trading below the 200-DMA, placed at Rs 2,370 levels. On the downside, the support comes at the recent reversal levels of Rs 2,200 levels. In the current scenario, the price action indicates sideways movement.7. Whirlpool of India Limited

Likely target: Rs 2,500 to Rs 2,700

Upside potential: 11% to 20%

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