HDFC Bank share price gains nearly 6% on RBI appointing new CEO

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HDFC Bank share price gains nearly 6% on RBI appointing new CEO

Private lender HDFC Bank's share price rose nearly 6 per cent intraday on August 4 on the report of RBI approving new CEO. Mr.Sashidhar Jagdishan will be the new CEO of HDFC Bank for a period of 3 years w.e.f. his date of taking charge, i.e. October 27, 2020, and will be replacing Aditya Puri. The appointment will put an end to one of the most keenly watched successions in India’s banking industry. He is a chartered accountant and holds a Master’s degree in Economics of money, banking and finance. He joined the Bank in the 1996 and currently, he is the Group Head of Finance, Human Resources, Legal & Secretarial, Administration, Infrastructure, Corporate Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility & the Strategic Change Agent of the bank. He joined the bank around 1996 as a Manager in the Finance function, and then went on to become Business Head - Finance in 1999 and Chief Financial Officer in the year 2008.

Puri has been at the helm at HDFC Bank since September 1994, making him the longest-serving head of any private bank in the country.

Source: Money Control, Business India, Economic Times

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