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Have any query related to Stocks which you hold or are planning to invest. Live Chat with our Experts to get the best Recommendations at just Rs.50/query.

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Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Our Team of Professionals has around 15 years of experience in Trading. We at KnowMyStock have learned techniques and strategies of how not to lose money.

High Accuracy

High Accuracy

Our team of experts can analyze your query with high accuracy. They know what works and what not in the Stock Market.

Cost Effective

Instant Response

Get response to your query within minutes. We can analyze your call instantly and give you the best advice possible.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

You can ask us any number of queries at just Rs.50/query.

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1. How will KnowMyStock Live Chat Support help me?

Our mission in KnowMyStock is to help investors Trade With Clarity. There are many instances where investors will not be sure whether it is the right time to enter a stock or is it the right time to exit if he has invested. Our experienced team can analyze any given stock for you within minutes.
To cater to this need, we have introduced chat support which can help our customers communicate with our experts to get his/her doubts cleared at just Rs.50 per query.

2. How many queries can I ask?

You are free to ask any number of queries at just Rs.50 per query. Query is linked to a Scrip. You cannot ask multiple investment doubts as part of one query.

3. What kind of queries can I ask?

You can ask any query related to your current stock holding or any stock which you want to buy. Below are some of the examples of queries which we generally answer.
1. I am currently holding "YES Bank" stock. Is it a good time to sell?
2. I am in a loss because of this Stock. Should I sell it or hold it long time.

4. How efficient is the support?

After 15 years of experience in Trading, we at KnowMyStock have learned techniques and strategies of how not to lose money. We know exactly how to trade a particular stock if we decide to take that call and when to avoid a call. Our team is available on all trading days from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You will get a response from our team within minutes.

5. What are the Payment Options?

We have Multiple Payment Options like CC, DC, Netbanking, UPI, Wallets. No Refunds once the payment is successful. If you are an elite member of KnowMyStock, you can also make payment via KMS Coins. Read more about KMS Coins here.

6. How is this different from KnowMyStock "Raise A Request" support ?

KnowMyStock "Raise A Request" support gives the user a detailed step by step guide on how to trade based on the call details provided by the user. This starts at as low as Rs.149/call. With our Trade Setups, users can trade risk-free and increase their profit. With Live Chat Support, we will not provide trade setups. Our team will answer your query on whether it is the right time to buy/sell.


Very Useful for Stock Tips. Being a Retired employee, KnowMyStock has helped me learn basic of Stock trading and helped me take right decision.

Mogral Keshav Rao
Retd. DDG. GSI, India

A couple of times just before investing, I had raised a request for a step to step guide and for my surprise that has helped me a lot in not taking wrong decisions.

Vasudev Bhat
Lead SAP Consultant

KnowMyStock have made me realize that Stock Markets is not just about profits. They have taught me how to handle losses gracefully.

Software Engineer

There are plenty of financial service providers out there, but what I like about KnowMyStock is their after sale customer service.

Software Engineer

Very useful for intraday tips. When so many of them charge heavily for these tips I wonder how they are giving this for free?

Roopa Hande
Business Women

When I first installed their App, I felt there were many ads as it is a free service. With KMS coins, the quality of the app has now improved and we can select to watch an Ad or unlock with coins. It is a great feature. Kudos to the team..